Plunger Tips

The French Press or as we call it in Australia

The Plunger was invented in France

by Monsieur Press (Not True)

For best results the coffee should be ground just before use,
although this is not always possible.
If using pre-ground coffee make sure that
it has been stored correctly.

Getting the best out of your Plunger

The best method for brewing Plunger Coffee..

1. Starting with a clean plunger

2. Boil some water and then scald the plunger and all its bits. (You're a very naughty plunger usually does the trick)

3. Dispense a fingers width (just over a centimetre) of fresh ground coffee 

4. Without reboiling, pour water over grounds giving a little swirl as you go (Swirl the plunger as it is dangerous to dance while pouring hot water)

5. Sit for 3 minutes and when you get up you can plunge the plunger!

Serve straight away into warm cups.